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Welcome to Life in a House of Testosterone! If you’ve found yourself on this page, then you obviously would like to know a little more about me and mine, right? Well here’s the skinny on each of us and a bit of background about the blog and our humble beginnings.

About Life in a House

Many years ago I decided to start a blog on LiveJournal. It was basically a place for me to vent about things going on in my life with friends, keep track of some important dates and events, an online journal if you will that I only shared with several dear friends and family members. Our “official” start date was April 11, 2004. My daughter was 16, Teen #1 was 5, and Teen #2 had just turned a year old.

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I moved from LiveJournal and started blogging a bit on Fotki and then decided to move everything to the Blogger platform for several years. My blog went from being an outlet, to a graphic design blog where I showcased the creations that I made, and morphed into another site, My Creative Muse, where I moved all of the creative work to and began selling scrapkits and other graphic designs that bloggers and Facebook page owners needed.

I then made the decision to pursue being a “professional blogger” full-time and made the move that means business – I moved the blog from Blogger over to WordPress.

We have undergone several name changes along the way as well, but I’m happy to say that we’ve found our niche in the blogosphere and plan on being around for many more years to come!

Kim, Chief Estrogen Officer

Mom to this motley crew of mine, I love to read when I can find the time and I miss crocheting. It was something that I would do in the evenings when the boys were little and gone to bed while hubby and I were watching television. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I love Pink Moscato wine. My most favorite place in the world is the beach. I love listening to the waves crash upon the shore and hear the seagulls call to each other. There is absolutely nothing in the world that calms me more than being able to take a walk along the beach at sunrise or sunset and feel the water tickling my toes. Our plan is to retire in a few years to one of our favorite beaches here in Virginia where hubby will fish all day and I’ll be walking the beach every morning and evening and blogging about the joys of beach life in between.

I LOVE WHAT I DO. In my previous life B.B. (before blogging) I was a legal secretary for several prestigious law firms in North Carolina, Virginia, and New Hampshire. I spent 18 years working in personal injury and workers compensation law and, while I wouldn’t trade that experience and the wonderful people that I met and worked with, my heart is too kind and caring to have been able to continue in that line of work. So when Teen #2 was born, I left the legal world to devote myself to being a stay-at-home mom and raising my children to the best of my ability.

The opportunities that I have had since becoming a professional blogger – the companies that I have had the honor of working with and the products I have had the pleasure to review – have all made me a better person in one way or another. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned from my fellow bloggers and my beloved readers, and I adore being able to share new products with them or tell them about the latest escapade of the teenagers.

If I had to sum myself up in just a few words, it would read a fun-loving mom who tries to be totally cool but fails miserably most of the time, sees the world through rose-colored glasses, has a heart she wears on her sleeve and a soul that absolutely thrives on helping others.

John, The Drag Racing Testosterone General

Hubby loves fishing and being outdoors. The man cannot stand to be cooped up in the house for any length of time unless he’s so sick he cannot put one foot in front of the other. In addition to fishing and the great outdoors, he is a former mechanic (the man can fix just about any vehicle out there) and has been the Maintenance Supervisor for our apartment complex for several years. He is the one who keeps the peace around here and makes sure that everything is running smoothly for all of the tenants.

Hubby is a beach lover as well. We both have a undescribable need to be near the water every few months to relax and regroup. When he isn’t fishing, you’ll find him at just about any NHRA event nearby or at the local drag strip. When he’s not being a spectator, you’ll find him in the crew area helping a friend or two who have their own race cars. His dream is to find the perfect race car body and build a car from the ground up with both Teen 1 and Teen 2.

I have been trying for years to get him involved with the blog. To have him review some products, or give me his thoughts and opinions on events that we attend so that I can formulate them into a blog post to share with our male readers. Finally, and after promising that I would do all the typing and real work so that all he had to do was talk and let me snap a few photos, he has agreed to start doing some reviews so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Jonathan, aka Teen #1

Jonathan is our eldest son, and an avid gamer and music lover. He’s recently started creating his own mashup videos that (if I do say so myself) are pretty radical! During warmer months, he loves skateboarding and hanging out at the rocks on the James River.

Jonathan’s dream is to be able to travel with Amorphic Apparitions and play gigs around the world and hopefully get the chance to skateboard his way around London one day.

Like his mother, everything that he does – from the killer graphic designs for Twitter that he sells – to playing acoustic and electric guitar – he has taught himself. He has oodles of talent, a sense of humor that is just out of this world, and loves to play practical jokes on everyone. One of his favorite family activities is to get all of us to sit down and watch a movie together (that he has pre-screened naturally) and judge our reactions at the really horrible or really scary parts and then giggle like crazy!

Tre, aka Teen #2

Tre is the youngest of the family, and my hip-hop fashionista. Louis Vitton and Ferragammo being two of his favorite fashion designers, he loves his bling and sporting the latest fashions. Tre also shares his brother’s love of skateboarding and can be found at the local skate parks around Richmond trying out the latest jumps and tricks.

His dream is to become a world-famous rapper by the time he is 16.

Tre has self-taught himself how to create tracks on his computer and has published several albums of his work on SoundCloud. He has amazing talent at creating music that can go from having you dancing around like a fool to being peaceful and calming and just make you sigh with contentment. He’s also known for his amazing dancing skills and was the center of attention at the kid’s club Studio360 when it was open. You can find several of his videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Chris and April, The Dream Couple

April is my biological daughter and Chris is my son-in-law, as of October 18, 2015 they became “The Dream Couple.” Never before have I seen two people as in love, as in sync with each other, as they two are. If you want to see what a happily married couple looks like – it’s them.

Chris is a mechanic as well and has been with a local shipping company for several years fixing and repairing the 18-wheelers that are brought to the shop. April works as a UI/UX designer at a local catering and event software company. She attended college at VCU and they have a “furry kid” known as Roxy, our beloved lab mix “grandchild” who loves her cuddles and snuggles from all of us!

Chris and April enjoy spending time traveling and visiting our local wineries and vineyards as well as spending time at the beach.

Mollyanna, Beloved Pet

Mollyanna, or MoMo or Molly for short, has been a member of our family since 2009. She is currently 8 years old, and is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. We adopted her from another family who was having to move and unable to take her with them.

Like the rest of us, she has had a troubled childhood. When she was just a pup, there were some young children (6 to 9 age bracket) who were extremely mean to her and threw rocks at her. She’s never forgotten that, and she doesn’t do very well around younger kids, which made her perfect for our family.

Ms. Molly loves her treats, hates wearing a collar, and loves to chase anything that moves. She may be small in stature, but her appetite rivals that of the teenagers. She loves her treats and expects – no demands – that she be given some sort of treat every morning before hubby leaves for work. She literally has him and the boys wrapped around her little finger, but I’m the one that she drags outside in the wee hours of the morning to walk around and sniff the grass and take 20 minutes to decide where she needs to tinkle!

So there you have it! A little background information on my family and I. If your company has a product you would like for us to review, just use the contact tab above to get in touch with me!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Remember to be kind to one another today. You may be the answer to someone's prayers.

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