5 Tips to a Perfect Family Vacation

Are you ready for your family vacation? It’s summertime, and the heat is on. Time to pack the bags, the kiddos and head out on a memorable adventure. Even with the best intentions, there are things that can make the family vacation go awry. Handling work, bills, responsibilities and the

Luxury Condo Living in Fort Lauderdale

Do you dream of luxury condo living in the tropical lifestyle destination of Fort Lauderdale? The Florida coastline is littered with luxury condos that are new construction deals ready to go. Fort Lauderdale is special, the friendly vacation town has beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and a variety of watersports to

Finding Your Happy Place in Phuket

The one must-visit destination that should be on every girl’s travel list is Phuket, an exotic island in the south of Thailand that will leave you breathless and definitely wanting more of the same. While it’s still an incredibly affordable vacation spot, Phuket can also be regarded as a luxury

The Best Places to Honeymoon in Asia

Asia is quickly becoming a paradise for honeymooners. People from all over the planet head there to visit its fascinating destinations. Here, we’ll show you the best places to honeymoon in Asia. Mauricio. Tourism here is huge. This precious island is so exotic that everyone that goes there is impressed.

Bearoy Back Seat Organizer: A Must-Have for Every Family on the Go

I love traveling and exploring the sights around me; always on the lookout for a fun activity or event that the entire family will love. The only problem with taking the entire family along is that I usually end up having to drag along half of our household – even for just a day trip! There have been times when after all of our “stuff” has been loaded into the car – there wasn’t any room left for the kids!

I usually have a snack bag, a drink bag, an electronics bag, a lunch bag, a reading/writing bag (generally my junk goes in here) – you get the idea. When I need to find something though, it usually takes me about 15 minutes to dig through everything in the bag to find what I’m looking for.

So when I had the opportunity to review the Bearoy Backseat Organizer I jumped at the chance with summer staycations right around the corner and an entire list of day trips that I want to make around the state with the kids! Let me tell you – this is one item that every single person who travels (kids or no kids) needs to have in their vehicle!

things to do in puerto rico

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico has always been a dream of mine. While there are many great countries and places you can visit in the Caribbean, few are like what you will experience in Puerto Rico. It seems like you can do everything that you want within this country, from going to the