Funding Your Teens Gap Year

Many parents are keen to encourage their teens to explore new experiences as part of their transition towards becoming an independent adult and packing them off on an overseas gap year trip is a popular option. If you are thinking of helping your teen to experience a gap year adventure

Finding Your Happy Place in Phuket

The one must-visit destination that should be on every girl’s travel list is Phuket, an exotic island in the south of Thailand that will leave you breathless and definitely wanting more of the same. While it’s still an incredibly affordable vacation spot, Phuket can also be regarded as a luxury

The Best Places to Honeymoon in Asia

Asia is quickly becoming a paradise for honeymooners. People from all over the planet head there to visit its fascinating destinations. Here, we’ll show you the best places to honeymoon in Asia. Mauricio. Tourism here is huge. This precious island is so exotic that everyone that goes there is impressed.

Coupons for Good: 4 Ways to Travel Green

America’s transportation industry is responsible for approximately 40 percent of our country’s fossil fuel–related carbon dioxide emissions. But seeing the world doesn’t have to mean playing a part in destroying it. These eco-friendly travel ideas can make your next vacation much greener. Rent an Eco-Friendly Hire Car Rather than taking

Niagara Falls: A Brief Travel Guide

With their waters crashing down at over 100km per hour, and 2,271,247 liters of liquid tipping over their edge every second, it isn’t hard to see why the Niagara Falls attract a staggering 12 million tourists every year. Of course, given its popularity, it’s not surprising that this isn’t the