How to Survive a Divorce 101

People generally don’t react well to changes. This is especially true when it comes to divorce and disruption of the settled daily life, not to mention the possible heartbreak involved. Still, any kind of divorce is always better than a bad marriage, which can actually reflect much worse in the

Sleeping with a Partner

Living with a partner inevitably means learning how to share, whether it’s the TV, the shower, the car, or the bed. It’s the latter in particular that can cause distress among couples. While it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for separate beds, many consider this a sure sign that a relationship

rvabUSED. A true story of two different types of abuse from two very different types of men.

rvabUSED: A True Story

Update 10/5/2016: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. While this post was written in 2014, it is still a viable post that deserves your attention. You see, one of the men from this true story, “Jim,” has decided to run for mayor for the City of Richmond, Virginia. We cannot