Tribute to Elric Childress

On September 9, 2012, an amazing young man lost his battle with cancer. No child should spend their childhood fighting catastrophic diseases of any type, but Elric Childress is a child who did so with a smile and touched the lives of so many people. Please join hands with us and continue

Saying Goodbye to My Dad

You never really fully comprehend how much family means until it is taken away from you.  Monday evening, my husband was injured when a truck fell on him, crushing the bones in the top of his right hand and destroying his index finger knuckle and breaking his index finger.  He

Joys of Motherhood

I know there are more times than not when I probably come across as the type of mother who just hates little crumb snatchers in general, barely tolerates her own, and does not do a very good job at embracing this thing called motherhood. Hence their nickname, the Demon Squad.  You