Family Emergencies Without Insurance

As of 2015, 33 million Americans didn’t have health insurance. It’s no secret that health insurance could make the difference between life and death if something serious were to happen but, despite this, there are still many reasons why people are still not buying health insurance for themselves and their

Medical Marijuana and Opioid Addiction

When hospitals in states where medical cannabis has been deemed legal see nearly 25% less patients for painkiller abuse, it is time to take notice. Specifically, it is time for politicians to take notice. Especially in traditional red states where the opioid epidemic is running particularly rampant. Rural areas and

How Snoring Affects Relationships

Snoring has the potential of causing strains even in the strongest of relationships. A large number of couples have to face resentment towards each other owing to a very common issue which affects millions of people throughout the world, every night. Snoring by both or either partner, can be a