Have a Good Hair Day Every Day

One of the worst ways to start the day is by waking up with uncontrollable bedhead and not being able to get your hair whipped into shape. Some days, it seems like no matter what you try, your hair it just won’t behave. Fortunately, there are some steps that you

8 Tips for Cleaning Your Face

The easiest part of your beauty regimen is washing your face, right?  Well as it turns out there are actually some common washing habits that can cause many different skin problems, including breakouts, oiliness, irritation and dryness.  Keep reading to discover the 8 top face washing mistakes and how to

Elite Serum Giveaway Ends June 25, 2015

Elite Serum Giveaway Ends June 25 – US/CAN

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength), made by SkinPro is a leading skin treatment for people looking to reduce the visibility of dark under eye circles, eye wrinkles, and other skin issues around the eyes. Named “An Anti Aging Breakthrough” by Plastic Surgery Practice. Enter our giveaway before June 25, 2015 for a chance to win Elite Serum for yourself!

X Out Review from Life in a House of Testosterone

X Out Review

I remember high school like it was just yesterday. I remember days when I would skip school and pretend to be sick, simply because I had an acne breakout. I don’t want my boys to suffer the way that I did, which is why I was excited to have the

THRIVE by Le-vel

THRIVE by Le-vel Giveaway

Life in a House of Testosterone and friends are pleased to bring you another giveaway from our Christmas Giveaways selection! One lucky winner will receive a 3-Day Trial of Thrive by Le-vel (a $25 value). Giveaway hosted by: Life in a House of Testosterone Co-Hosted by: Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains

Creamed Gourmet Body Treats Review

What would you say if I told you I was going to CREAM you? You’d be all like, “You? Cream Me? In What? Checkers? Blogging? Chess?”  No, silly! I’m talking about CreamedSoaps – also known as Creamed Gourmet Body Treats! Meet Amber L. Matthews, the owner of Creamed. Gourmet Body