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The Social Media Gurus Network is putting together a combination Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide! But first let me show you our amazing numbers and who is involved in the Mother’s & Father’s Day Gift Guide! This event is scheduled to begin on 4/1/2017 and run through 6/18/2017.

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Here is a list of all the bloggers involved. These are all family friendly blogs.

Laura Smith – Michigan Saving and More
Julie Beveridge – Tales From A Southern Mom
Melissa Cushing – Deliciously Savvy
Debbie Tom – Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains
Sheila Wilson – Welcome To My Kitchen
Kim Miller – Life in a House of Testosterone
 Heather Baker – Here We Go Again ready
Silvie Armas – My Silly Little Gang
Mike Gray – Giveaway Gator
Jen Becerril – Everyday Gizmos Sweeps & Views
Esther Shomper – Bargnhtress
Paula Stewart – PaulaMS’ Giveaways, Reviews, & Freebies
Adriana Grillo – Central Bargains and Giveaways
Glenda Cates – The Mommies Reviews
Evelyn Dortch – Eclectic Evelyn

You have 15 bloggers with over 81 years of experience who will be working hard for you on this gift guide and giveaway event! 

Sponsor Information Sponsor Information

We are ready to get started, contact us today!


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