Free GPS Phone Trackers

With free GPS phone tracker apps now an inbuilt feature of our mobile devices, it is imperative that you are in the know about the GPS apps and systems the market. It is even more important with the regular release of new ones in the market to really know if

Why Fashion Loves 3D Printing

Have you heard about 3D printing yet? Also known as additive manufacturing, this form of manufacturing still occurs primarily within industrial settings. Companies rely upon 3D printers to create products ranging from customized prosthetic limbs to prototype automotive components. However, this emerging technology also promises to revolutionize the world of

Massive Phishing Attack Targets Millions

Earlier today at approximately 2:53PM EST, I received a message from a trusted affiliate partner stating “NAME has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” Normally I do NOT open documents such as this. However, this particular affiliate occasionally sends new releases via newsletter or via a Google Doc. So I

AI BIG-i Will Revolutionize Family Life

Information technology has brought the world to a whole new level. While developers are using some advanced tools such as azure monitoring metrics to ease their work, artificial intelligence is now beginning to enter our home and help us in our household chores and other types of household work. This

Gaming for All of Us

Last year, we looked at the real-world benefits of playing video games. There are plenty of positives, from relieving stress to boosting self-esteem. That blog post was quite enlightening, showing that boys and girls can benefit from gaming. I used to think that most video games were geared towards boys.