7 Tips to Potty Train Puppies

Potty training is the basic dog’s training. Although you can live without fancy tricks, potty training is definitely something that every owner needs to teach his pup.   Besides the obvious benefit of having a clean house, this type of training is crucial part of bonding between you and your pet.

$1 Summer Movies

Summer vacation is on the horizon with just a few weeks of school remaining. You know what that means. Kids whining that there is nothing to do about two weeks into summer vacation. We have just the answer for you – summer movies at discounted prices to keep the boredom

Staying In vs. Going Out

After having a few nice evenings in this week, I’m reflecting on how important my home is to me. Piece by piece, your home grows around you and becomes an external representation of your inner self. Your memories, family, hobbies… everything that is important to you can be translated to